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Angelique Miralles

CM Management International Ltd
Perpignan (Perpinyà) Area, France
I have just come back from the Philippines where I spent a few months to have a different life experience. Tired of performance, productivity, faster and more, I decided to gift myself with this first hand adventure. Travel and live like locals is one of my favourites. Life here is simple and authentic, people are warm and smiling! Some of my values are freedom, simplicity and authenticity and I find them a lot in this environment. At last, after having worked for many years with top managers of multinationals in many countries, I am coming to develop a variety of business activities closer to my essence. The latest one is a social entrepreneurship venture which involves creating a permaculture resourcing oasis cooperative where pollinisation between different leaders, entrepreneurs and the like will exist next to producing Moringa products, the "miracle tree". A leadership facilitator and executive coach, I also keep up with this activity leading an international team of people who deliver improvisation and theater based leadership programmes for multinationals. On a personal level, I am preparing a one-woman theater play, whose title is: "I will not live in a box" and that includes bits of my life and ways forward. The show is then followed by an experiential part where the public is invited to take part and feel what it is like. I enjoy diversity as a whole and am curious about people and the world. Some of my friends define me as a humanist utopist visionary! It makes me smile as I believe "everything is possible.