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I’m a trying culture hacker, exploreress, younger sister, North European, ethnographer, sharer, midnight doodler, free dancer, and sound addict. I help putting humanity back into business by remixing storytelling, field trips, free play, live action role play, and peer technologies with meaningful collaboration methods. My tools are connection, intuition, and critical systems thinking. On my mind are poiesis, nature, and androgyny.

I have facilitated workshops at Parsons New School of Design NYC, Google Creative Labs, OUIshare Paris, Re:publica Berlin and Vivid Ideas Sydney. I did a practical PhD in Media/Design Anthropology and co-founded Learn Do Share, an international collective that works with Columbia University. To reach students, I teach Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney. To reach makers and academics, I work with UNSW's Michael Crouch Innovation Center. And to reach corporates, I work with PwC’s The Difference. Before moving to Sydney in 2009, I lead digital communications at the IICG in Leipzig, a social enterprise funded by 50+ brands to innovate East Germany’s post-socialist economy.

Must say, I have a weak spot for post-socialist East Germany. It feels like an accidental social avantgarde, because people had to frugally innovate and support each other for decades before the GFC made these very skills so valuable for larger parts of the Western world. But Easterners are also just wonderful, because they reward unpretentious ability instead of bling.
Wednesday, May 18

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