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Wednesday, May 18

10:15am CEST

La démocratie dans l'entreprise

Peut-on instituer une véritable démocratie dans l'entreprise ? Y a-t-il des similarités avec la démocratie politique qui nous est familière ? Quelles sont les solutions proposées par les coopératives et les mutuelles implantées depuis longtemps en France ? Quelles sont les limites de ces modèles ?
La MAIF, le Crédit Coopératif et le Groupe Up (anciennement Groupe Chèque Déjeuner), en tant que mutuelle et coopératives, sont engagées depuis longtemps dans le maintien d'une gouvernance partagée.
Les Présidents de ces trois organisations partageront leurs expériences au cours de ce panel.


avatar for Marguerite Grandjean

Marguerite Grandjean

Connector, OuiShare
Marguerite is a futurist and director of studies for OuiShare, making sense of trends, experiments, and behaviors that are profoundly changing our economies and societies. Lately, she has been leading the "Governances" project at OuiShare, which looks at the creative ways in which... Read More →

avatar for Jean-Louis Bancel

Jean-Louis Bancel

President, Crédit Coopératif
A graduate of HEC (1978) and ENA (1980–1982) with a PhD in law, Jean-Louis Bancel has served as Chairman of Crédit Coopératif since 2009 (and Vice Chairman from 2005 to 2009), Chairman of the International Cooperative Banking Association (a sectorial organization of the International... Read More →
avatar for Catherine Coupet

Catherine Coupet

Catherine Coupet is CEO of Up Group, a French cooperative company who designs products and services (as vouchers, cards and mobile applications) which facilitate the daily life of 27 million people around the world. Catherine Coupet joined Cheque Dejeuner, Up Group’s parent company... Read More →
avatar for Dominique Mahé

Dominique Mahé

Président, MAIF
Dominique Mahé is a former Professor in Literature, History and Geography and has been at the service of MAIF for 30 years.After being appointed as CEO of MAIF Group in 2014, he was elected Chairman of the Board of MAIF on February 6, 2016. Hsi mission is to carry forward the Group's... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 10:15am - 11:00am CEST

11:30am CEST

In Search of Lost Solidarities
avatar for Diana Filippova

Diana Filippova

OuiShare / Microsoft
Born in 1986, I am a writer, entrepreneur and activist. A OuiShare cofounder I seek to bring progress and fairness to organisations and institutions. I currently work as Startup Director at Microsoft France, where I launched and edit KissMyfrogs.com, an alternative media dedicated... Read More →

avatar for Fabrice Epelboin

Fabrice Epelboin

Co-founder Yogosha | Teacher, Sciences Po. Paris
Fabrice has been an entrepreneur since the pre-bubble internet era and is a former journalist. Recently, he cofounded Yogosha, a Bug Bounty platform (think Uber meets information security, with hackers). He teaches social and political impact of technologies and internet sub cultures... Read More →
avatar for Saru Jayaraman

Saru Jayaraman

Co-Founder, President, Restaurant Opportunities Center United
Saru Jayaraman is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) and Director of the Food Labor Research Center at University of California, Berkeley.  After 9/11, together with displaced World Trade Center workers, she co-founded... Read More →
avatar for Matthieu Leventis

Matthieu Leventis

Cofounder, Mangrove
Matthieu Leventis is an entrepreneur and freelancer rethinking our work lives. After studying engineering, sociology and economics in top french schools, he built his vision through experiences ranging from the study of informal entrepreneurship in Senegal to helping a top french... Read More →
avatar for Laetitia Vitaud

Laetitia Vitaud

Research & Marketing, Cadre Noir Ltd
Laetitia Vitaud is a speaker, writer and researcher, specialised in the future of work, organisations and consumption. She is a lecturer at Sciences-Po Paris and Université Paris Dauphine, and is the author with Nicolas Colin of a book titled “Faut-il avoir peur du numérique... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 11:30am - 12:15pm CEST

12:15pm CEST

Connecting Diversities: Migrants, Social Innovation and Collaborative Inclusion

We must change the way we think about migrants. With their diversity and mobility they can help us to make a much-needed cultural shift: to move from the traditional idea of living in solid and homogenous societies, toward the recognition that we already are experiencing open and dynamic — and therefore fluid and changeable — social forms and structures. A condition in which, in many ways, we are all mutually strangers.

The question then becomes: how can people who consider each other strangers live well together? How do we achieve connection within diversity? The answer is collaboration: the exchange of time, experiences, and expertise in order to achieve a mutually recognized result.

Even in contemporary society, with all its contradictions and complexity, collaboration is possible. Already we see collaborative social innovation in action between migrants and citizens — whether it’s organizing soccer games, playing music together, or starting up enterprises. Diverse people are able to meet and collaborate. And, doing so, to produce values for themselves and for the whole community. The task of design must be to create ecosystems where these forms of collaboration can grow and thrive, generating models that go well beyond the issue of migrants to improve social cohesion as a whole. 


avatar for Ezio Manzini

Ezio Manzini

Professor, DESIS Network, University of the Arts, London, Politecnico di Milano
For more than two decades he has been working in the field of design for sustainability. Most recently, his interests have focussed on social innovation, considered as a major driver of sustainable changes. In this perspective he started DESIS: an international network of schools... Read More →

avatar for Ahmad Sufian Bayram

Ahmad Sufian Bayram

Regional Manager, Techstars
Techstars MEA Regional Manager & Jusoor Managing Director Ahmad is a social entrepreneur and collaborative economy expert. He works as the Middle East and Africa regional manager at Techstars, a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed with a portfolio of over 1,100 companies... Read More →
avatar for Stéphane de Freitas

Stéphane de Freitas

CEO, Indigo
28 years old Artist, Founder and President of the Indigo Cooperative ARTIST Stéphane de Freitas is an artist known under the pseudonym SdF, working on the concept of mixing opposites. His work is translated in painting, live performances, short films but also in messages he diffuses... Read More →
avatar for Anne Riechert

Anne Riechert

Founder and managing director, ReDI School of Digital Integration
Anne Kjær Riechert is a 2006 graduate from the prestigious social innovation and change management education KaosPilot in Denmark. From 2006-2009 she worked as creative lead and corporate social responsibility consultant for the Copenhagen-based brand strategy company Stoic, where... Read More →
avatar for Ben Webster

Ben Webster

Founder, Jamiya
Founder of Jamiya, which to aims to provide accessible higher education opportunities for Syrian refugees by reconnecting the communities of displaced students and academics through online learning. Previously worked in Jordan for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 12:15pm - 1:00pm CEST

12:15pm CEST

Blockchains: The End of the Corporation or its Reinvention?
The Internet has enabled decentralized exchange of information, but until know, any exchange of value had to rely on a trusted third party, even in the digital economy. With Blockchain Tech, even transactions can be managed in a completely distributed fashion, removing the need for any intermediary at all: it is "the Ultimate Uberization". Does this mean corporations will eventually disappear, or morph into blockchain-based DAOs - "Decentralized Autonomous Organizations" ? Or in the contrary, will the transparency and efficiency of blockchain technology open a whole range of possibilities for businesses to reinvent their industry, hopefully for the better?

avatar for Benjamin Tincq

Benjamin Tincq

Co-Founder, Good Tech Lab / OuiShare
Co-Founder of Good Tech Lab, OuiShare and POC2Benjamin is an impact entrepreneur, and expert on collaborative innovation and decentralized business models. He is the founder of Good Tech Lab, a research venture exploring the frontiers of technology, entrepreneurship and finance to tackle... Read More →

avatar for Claire Balva

Claire Balva

Co-founder, Blockchain France
Claire Balva co-founded Blockchain France in September 2015 in order to enlighten and spread blockchain as well as to develop the blockchain ecosystem in France. Recently, in January, she and her team organized the first big event about blockchain in France. Blockchain France also... Read More →
avatar for Philippe Dewost

Philippe Dewost

Deputy Director, Caisse des dépôts
Philippe Dewost is an executive with a dual corporate & startup track in high tech and telecom, and has been recognized over the past 15 years as an innovation driven, game changing, and inspiring leader. As Wanadoo co-founder, he helped build Europe’s #1 ISP, held senior marketing... Read More →
avatar for Vincent  Fily

Vincent Fily

Business Developement Manager Finance, Microsoft
Vincent leads the strategy midterm to grow Microsoft impact in the Banking andInsurance industries in France and co-lead Microsoft France Blockchain virtual team.Vincent moved back from Seattle where he managed Microsoft Strategy for the CapitalMarkets and Securities industry at Microsoft... Read More →
avatar for Arno Laeven

Arno Laeven

Head of Blockchain Lab, Philips
Arno is initiator and head of the Blockchain Lab at Philips. With a dedicated team of developers, designers, business modellers and legal experts Philips is creating a strategic, technical and legal framework for the use of Blockchain in Healthcare. They do so by building working... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 12:15pm - 1:00pm CEST

3:00pm CEST

Gentrification from Below
avatar for Pedro Jardim

Pedro Jardim

CEO, Coliga
Pedro is committed to lower the barrier of entry for individuals and groups to get more representation by creating protected spaces, exploring horizontal and agile governance frameworks or as in his newest project wherre people can activate the word-of-mouth recommendations of their... Read More →

avatar for Imandeep Kaur

Imandeep Kaur

Co - Founder / Director, Impact Hub Birmingham
Immy is a co-founder of Impact Hub Birmingham, a network of citizens, makers, doers, entrepreneurs, activists and dreamers committed to building a better Birmingham and better world. Powered by a 6,000 sq. ft. collaborative workshop in the heart of Birmingham, the Impact Hub is an... Read More →
avatar for Andreas Krüger

Andreas Krüger

Geschäftsführer, Belius GmbH
Andreas Krüger hörte City & Landscape Planning sowie Gesellschafts- & Wirtschaftskommunikation an Universitäten in Berkeley, Florenz, Göttingen und Berlin. Heraus kam ein Diplom an der HdK. Berlin (heute UdK).Zuvor absolvierte er eine Tischlerlehre und war anschliessend im Boots... Read More →
avatar for Lutz Leichsenring

Lutz Leichsenring

Chief Visionary, young targets GmbH
Lutz Leichsenring started a internet business after High School when he was 19. The company was running one of the largest platforms for music events in the early 2000s in Germany. 2004-2010 he owned club and a restaurant business in South Germany and in 2015 he was one of the founder... Read More →
avatar for Domenico DI SIENA

Domenico DI SIENA

(ES) CivicWise
Architect, Researcher and Civic Designer. I design, promote and develop processes and tools that help local authorities, organizations, and universities to collaborate with citizens to generate Collective Intelligence processes with a positive impact on the territory.

Wednesday May 18, 2016 3:00pm - 3:45pm CEST

3:30pm CEST

New Kids on the Blockchain
The Ups and Downfalls of the Internet and what the Blockchain can change

The internet and world wide web started as decentralized technologies. Nevertheless very quickly the centralized models and structures from the industrial age hijacked this originally democratic vision of decentralization. In fact we saw a catalyst effect injecting steroids into multi national organizations and turning them into global mega platforms. With the advent of the blockchain it seems we get another chance to restructure our economical and societal models. Questions that arise are: Who will be affected by the Blockchain the most? Looking at startups, organizations and governments: What opportunities will be created or closed off? And how can we as individuals become more empowered? How can wealth be more distributed? What question comes to your mind... ?

avatar for Brennan Novak

Brennan Novak

UX Designer / Developer, Transparency Toolkit, Qubes OS
Brennan Novak has been designing and building for the web sincethe late 90s and participating in IndieWebCamp community since2010. In 2013 he successfully helped crowdfund the encryptedemail project Mailpile. Currently, he works on security focusedQubes OS.

avatar for Christopher David

Christopher David

Founder & CEO, Arcade City
I am building Arcade City, a decentralized ridesharing startup using blockchain technology and a driver coop model. We've been active so far in 28 states (US) and Australia. Planning a broader global release for late spring.
avatar for Henning Diedrich

Henning Diedrich

Programmer, IBM
Henning is an entrepreneur, programmer and game designer. He worked as lead software engineer for companies in payment, insurances and games. Currently he is working for IBM in the field of Blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things).
avatar for Shermin Voshmgir

Shermin Voshmgir

Founder, BlockchainHub
Shermin is the founder of the BlockchainHub, a Berlin based info hub & think tank focusing on topics like smart contracts, peer-to-peer economy & the future of democracy. She got her PhD in IT-Management at the Vienna University of Economics, where she used to work as an assistant... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 3:30pm - 4:30pm CEST

4:00pm CEST

Policy, The Platform & The City
avatar for Albert Cañigueral

Albert Cañigueral

Connector for Spain and Latin America, OuiShare
Albert Cañigueral es un ingeniero multimedia fascinado por aplicar los modelos disruptivos de internet fuera de internet. Fundó ConsumoColaborativo.com en 2011 y ha formado parte de la vanguardia del movimiento desde entonces, siendo referencia en lengua española y ejerciendo de... Read More →

avatar for Benedetta Brighenti

Benedetta Brighenti

EU Committe of Region rapporteur on "Sharing Economy" & Vice Mayor, Municipality of Castelnuovo Rangone
Benedetta Brighenti is a young Italian politician born in the Province of Modena on 1982. She is graduated on 2009 in Engineering  at the University of Bologna. She approached politics in 2009 when she was nominated Council member in her hometown, Castelnuovo Rangone (Mo). At the... Read More →
avatar for Renato Galliano

Renato Galliano

Director of Labour Policies, Economic Development, City of Milan
Renato Galliano graduated with honors in Economics and Business.He currently works for the City of Milan as Director of the Economic Development and Smart City Department and is responsible for creating and fostering economic development based on innovation and creativity.He coordinates... Read More →
avatar for Mayo Fuster Morell

Mayo Fuster Morell

Dimmons (Internet Interdisciplinary Institute de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), BarCola & Dimmons.net
Mayo Fuster Morell directs Dimmons action research group on collaborative economy at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the Open University of Catalonia. Additionally, she is faculty affiliated at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and at Institute... Read More →
avatar for Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson

Head of Public Policy, EMEA & Canada, Airbnb
Patrick Robinson is Head of Public Policy for Airbnb in EMEA and Canada. Based in London, he leads a team of public affairs professionals who work with cities to open the door for new forms of tourism and educate policymakers about the huge potential of the “sharing economy” for... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 4:00pm - 4:45pm CEST

5:00pm CEST

Decentralizing Life: Digital nomadism & Co-living, a serious opportunity
avatar for Christoph Fahle

Christoph Fahle

CEO, Betahaus
Christoph Fahle founded Betahaus, one of Europe's biggest and most influential coworking spaces. As a CEO of his company he guides the international growth and partnerships. As a strategy advisor he helps corporate companies to understand the transformation of work and the coworking... Read More →
avatar for Asmaa Guedira

Asmaa Guedira

Fundadora, Hyper-Gender
Asmaa é uma hiper-conectora que veste muitos chapéus. Ativista de gênero, change-maker, estratégista de futuro do trabalho e inovação, facilitadora, nômade. Ela constrói pontes entre diferentes mundos e culturas, quebrando barreiras, indo além das fronteiras. Asmaa escolheu... Read More →

avatar for Eric Van den Broek

Eric Van den Broek

CEO, Copass
I am the cofounder of Copass, the first global network of independent coworking spaces. In 2010, with my two brothers and my childhood friend, I also co-founded Mutinerie in Paris, one of the most influential coworking space in Europe. I'am passionate about the changes happening right... Read More →
avatar for Bruno Haid

Bruno Haid

CEO, Roam
Bruno grew up in hospitality, in a tiny Austrian village, built a couple of startups and led large-scale projects for corporates like McKinsey, BMW or Swarovski. He's also a founding tenant of co-living spaces on 3 continents, including San Francisco's 20Mission, and writes something... Read More →
avatar for Felicia Hargarten

Felicia Hargarten

Founder DNX, Felicia Hargarten
Feli is the founder of DNX Digital Nomad Conference, Travel Blogger and Online Entrepreneur. After working for 7 years in different online startups in Duesseldorf and Berlin in Germany she became self-employed. She loves to live healthy and to do sports like zumba, beachvolleyball... Read More →
avatar for Marcus Meurer

Marcus Meurer

Founder, DNX
I am Marcus, Digital Nomad, Online Entrepreneur and founder of the DNX - Digital Nomad Movement. Marcus Meurer (marcusmeurer.com) and Felicia Hargarten (feliciahargarten.com) started the global DNX movement end of 2012. Since then they kicked off events for digital nomads all over... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 5:00pm - 5:45pm CEST

5:45pm CEST

From Seed to Mouth: how open source and decentralization can transform our food system

Our food system today is controlled by a handful of companies, that influence a lot regulations through lobbying in order to protect their financial interests. The power has shifted over the past decades from the producers to the food corporations, who control the whole food chain, from seeds to retail, leaving the farmers under pressure, and resulting in countless negative externalities: greenhouse gases, nutrients decrease, soil and water pollution, health consequences, dead marine zones, antibiotics resistance, farmers suicides. Patents on life filed by those corporations are not only a threat for global food sovereignty, but also, an important cause of destruction of the biodiversity of our planet. How can decentralized, open source and collaborative initiatives in farming practices, equipments and distribution transform our food system for the better? That's the question we are going to debate in this session.

avatar for Anne-Sophie Novel

Anne-Sophie Novel

Journalist, Place to B
Phd in economics, I work as a journalist and blogger (http://www.demoinsenmieux.com) specialized in sustainable living, social innovation and collaborative economy. I founded a collective blog in ecology in 2007 (www.ecoloinfo.com) and now work for various medias (Le Monde, L'Express... Read More →

avatar for Myriam Bouré

Myriam Bouré

Co-founder, Open Food France
I got two passions in life: good food, colourful, tasteful, diverse, which repects life. And new forms or organizations that give back their creative power to the people. In particular, collaborative economies tremendously support people empowerment and enable them to reinvent a way... Read More →
avatar for Marc-David  Choukroun

Marc-David Choukroun

CEO, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui
avatar for Maxime de Rostolan

Maxime de Rostolan

Directeur, Fermes d'Avenir
Fermes d'Avenir - Pour un nouveau contrat sociétal autour de l'agroécologie
avatar for Nancy Zamierowski

Nancy Zamierowski

Founder, Yellow Seed
Nancy is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about designing multi-stakeholder collaborations and trust systems that can be safe, sustainable and integrative. She is a co-founder of two non-profit impact driven enterprises; Yellow-Seed facilitates connection between farmers at... Read More →

Wednesday May 18, 2016 5:45pm - 6:30pm CEST
Thursday, May 19

10:15am CEST

Citizen producer: needs and desires
In this session, we are going to explore how platforms are answering to the needs and desires of a new citizen producer (peer/user) from 3 different perspectives: 1) Experience/Convenience. Main focus on the role of the experience design and how it evolves from selling products to offering services. 2) Producing/Mastering. Main focus on the professionalization and learning process design. 3) Transparency/Sustainability. Main focus on the impact and process awareness design.

avatar for Tomás de Lara

Tomás de Lara

Cofounder & Coleader, Cities Can B / Ciudades+B
Co-founder and co-leader of Cities CAN B (global initiative of the B Corps movement), board advisor to Sistema B Brasil, board advisor to CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), board advisor and sustainability director at agribusiness Estância do Chalé. Professor in economic innovation courses in Brazil and other countries. A business administrator with a master in digital communication, Tomás is an expert in col... Read More →

avatar for Stefano Bianchini

Stefano Bianchini

Design Strategist / Service Designer, Continuum
I'm a passionate service designer and human centered innovation strategist always curious and enthusiastic to start a new design challenge!I strongly believe in multidisciplinary and multicultural work teams, where the intersection shared by people with different mindsets and cultures... Read More →
avatar for Camille Rumani

Camille Rumani

COO & Cofounder, VizEat
Camille Rumani is the cofounder of VizEat, the european leader of social dining. After graduated from a business school and a first experience in China, she came back to France to combine her three passions: tech, food and travel. Her challenge : make VizEat the must-do activity for... Read More →
avatar for Luisa Santiago

Luisa Santiago

Brazil Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Luisa is the voice of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in Latin America, spreading the circular economy word to build a more regenerative economy in the region.

Thursday May 19, 2016 10:15am - 11:00am CEST

11:30am CEST

Transforming industries by creating healthy ecosystems: strategic and operational challenges
Ecosystems can address the fundamental human needs (wellness, mobitily, learning,...) in a more optimal way than an individual corporation can provide.
But building ecosystem is challenging.
How can we bring together all the participants interests to unleash true transformation?  

avatar for Kat Borlongan

Kat Borlongan

Founding Partner - Partenaire Fondateur, Five by Five
Kat started her career as an advocate for information rights and open data: she was Reporters sans frontières’ youngest bureau director, a policy analyst for the United Nations and member of the French government’s open data expert committee.She first fell into the startup rabbit... Read More →

avatar for Rodrigo Baggio

Rodrigo Baggio

President, CDI
Rodrigo Baggio is the founder and president of the CDI (Center for Digital Inclusion), a global NGO headquartered in Brazil that seeks to empower people to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship and create change makers through the use of information and communication technology... Read More →
avatar for Ronald Kleverlaan

Ronald Kleverlaan

Founder, CrowdfundingHub
Ronald Kleverlaan is one of the most important innovators on Crowdfunding, Community Finance and Alternative Finance in Europe. He is founder of CrowdfundingHub, the European Expertise Centre for Alternative and Community Finance. CrowdfundingHub is a research institute for applied... Read More →
avatar for Frederic ORU

Frederic ORU

International Director, NUMA
Fred has been at the forefront of building NUMA into one of the leading tech ecosystem hubs in Europe. He's currently leading the effort to expand NUMAs model (community building + startup acceleration + corporate innovation) into new geographies : India, Russia, Morocco, Spain, and... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 11:30am - 12:15pm CEST

11:30am CEST

Networked Models for 21st-Century Organizations

How can we structure an organization so that it keeps up with the complexity of its environment? Many of tomorrow's organizations (or is it today's?) will have decentralized activities, based on many different contributors in and out the organization itself. Products and services will need to be continuously adapted, giving organizations a strong entrepreneurial feel. Workers will seek short or long-time project engagements while keeping a strong affiliation to one or more communities. Can we still talk about organizations or should we talk about networks or communities? What changes does that entail? How can traditional organizations be inspired?
Some organizations are already ahead of times and experimenting with the most innovative forms of operating. Come meet them! Lab.coop from Hungary, Faircoop from Spain, and Esnpiral from New Zealand (and beyond) will introduce their model before discussing them.

avatar for Alda Marina Campos

Alda Marina Campos

Founder + Director, PARES
In 2005, 11 years ago, I made a significant move: I left a career in marketing in large corporations and started to work in the social sector, giving management support to small social entrepreneurs. I experienced powerful approaches to support organizational development process... Read More →

avatar for Maro Horta

Maro Horta

Communication Team, FairCoop
avatar for Peter Langmar

Peter Langmar

Director, Lab.Coop
Peter is an entrepreneur in digital culture, advocate of collaborative economy. Today, runs an employee owned and holacracy governed corporation. It is a digital product agency, also co-owning and co-managing a coder school and an IoT prototyping lab.Worked and founded labs and startups... Read More →
avatar for Chelsea Robinson

Chelsea Robinson

Community builder & Facilitator, Enspiral
Working across climate change, youth mental health and the future of work over 6 years, Chelsea is a facilitator, entrepreneur, program designer and venture coach. Previously working on social movements and complex problem solving around climate change, Chelsea was one of the founders... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 11:30am - 12:15pm CEST

11:30am CEST

How to leverage on innovative ecosystems to foster inclusion and development in MENA region?
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has been lately witnessing creation of a lot of ideas linked to the themes of collaborative, green and solidarity economies. These young innovative projects are building bridges between their local traditional heritage and entrepreneurship with the aim of creating social and environmental impact. How is  this creating new promising business models and impacting the overall economy of this region?

avatar for nelly baz

nelly baz

Co-Founder, hbr creative platforn
After a past in advertising, nelly made a switch in her career after joining Politecnico Di Milano for a Masters in Strategic Design when she investigated the sharing economy and came up with the best case scenario: the ant world (available on YouTube). She joined Make A Cube, an... Read More →

avatar for Ahmad Sufian Bayram

Ahmad Sufian Bayram

Regional Manager, Techstars
Techstars MEA Regional Manager & Jusoor Managing Director Ahmad is a social entrepreneur and collaborative economy expert. He works as the Middle East and Africa regional manager at Techstars, a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed with a portfolio of over 1,100 companies... Read More →
avatar for Asmaa Guedira

Asmaa Guedira

Fundadora, Hyper-Gender
Asmaa é uma hiper-conectora que veste muitos chapéus. Ativista de gênero, change-maker, estratégista de futuro do trabalho e inovação, facilitadora, nômade. Ela constrói pontes entre diferentes mundos e culturas, quebrando barreiras, indo além das fronteiras. Asmaa escolheu... Read More →
avatar for Cecile Marsille

Cecile Marsille

Trainer and Researcher in Social Innovation, Cecile Marsille
Inclusive cities with special focus on migration through social innovation and active citizenship // New ways of political participation // Decentralized economic development // Grassroots civil society initiatives in the Mediterranean (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, France) // Green and... Read More →
avatar for Claudia Pani

Claudia Pani

Project Manager SwitchMed – Green Entrepreneurship, Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC)
Claudia Pani: more than 10 years of involvment in sustainable development at global level. Originary from Sardinia (Italy), I always considerd the MedArea as one of the greatest laboratory for social and ecoinnovation of the world. My passion for this field together with my love... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 11:30am - 12:30pm CEST

12:15pm CEST

Bossless Organizations in Practice
Last year at OuiShare Fest 15, we explored the lessons learned from "building self-managed organizations". This year we move the discussion forward by asking startups and traditional companies how they have deployed a range of practices for autonomy in their own context. Some have been experimenting with a range of practices while others have been going through widespread organizational transformation.
Does a "bossless" organization mean the end or a transformation of hierarchies? What opportunities has it created for the people involved? What practices should be recommended? What should be avoided?
Participants from 3 companies will share their experiments: 
  • Poult is a French industrial biscuit company which is famous for being one of the pioneers, decades ago, in experimenting with autonomous management. 
  • Buffer, an app that helps you manage your social media visibility, has tried out self-management before backing out and coming back to more conventional hierarchies. 
  • A Little Market is a marketplace for crafted products which recently set up rotating leadership among its teams. 
  • Cocoon Projects is a distributed collective experimenting with agility processes. 
As autonomous management is picking up, it's time to learn from experience! 

avatar for Pascal Jouxtel

Pascal Jouxtel

Free-lance, L'internome
As a free-lance consultant, I specialize in cultural evolution, which means improving the way people work together and the way they think and talk about how they work together. Routines, rituals, team learning, mental models, and memetics. You can also talk to me about Spiral Dynamics... Read More →

avatar for Nicolas d'Audiffret

Nicolas d'Audiffret

Co-founder, AlittleMarket
I am an entrepreneur convinced that technology can help create a more humane economy. I am passionate about how networks & communities can change economy & society
avatar for Rodolphe Dutel

Rodolphe Dutel

Operations, Buffer.com
Rodolphe works on Buffer's Operations: He thinks through how to organize Buffer as it grows beyond 100 team members working remotely together. He's also the founder of Remotive.io... Read More →
avatar for Camille Panassié

Camille Panassié

Innovation Manager, Groupe POULT
Graduated in Biochemical engineering (2011) and Master of food sociology (2012), I joined Groupe Poult in 2013 to coordinate an open innovation project about health and food during 2 years. In 2015 I officially joined the innovation team. This team's job is too be a catalyst in the... Read More →
avatar for Emanuele Rapisarda

Emanuele Rapisarda

Agile Coach, Cocoon Projects
I am a person that makes flexibility its main strong point. Starting with a genuine sense of discovery I take the challenges that are presented to me as a possibility to derive value from always different experiences. With my eyes fixed on the future, I do so that others can continuously... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 12:15pm - 1:00pm CEST

12:30pm CEST

From Making to Manufacturing: the future of production?

Manufactured products form the foundation of most economic systems. Government, industry and individuals develop and produce products in the form of goods and services to meet the needs of those in society. The desire for low cost goods has been met through economies of scale and mass production. This forced consumer to compromise their wants or needs with what is available.

In the meantime, the needs of consumers have evolved with the development of technologies that have driven consumers to higher levels of expectation. Also more attention is being put on sustainability issues. These factors are changing the way products are conceived and brought to market, from idea to delivery and subsequently to post consumption. The recent digital transformation and the new means of production is leading to transformation of our industries. It’s called rapid response advanced manufacturing.

At the same time digital fabrication tools became easily accessible. New types of consumer designed products with powerful user communities enter the market.  The underground hacker community forked in to Fablabs and makerspaces to form the maker movement. Open source, collaborative/web-based engineering developed in to a grass root proof of concept of fully personalized user centered, local manufacturing. Slowly building an infrastructure for agile, on demand decentralized production capable to 3d print their own homes. 

During this session we will try to answer the question of how to move from making and rapid prototyping to citizen production. Should we bring manufacturing back to the cities? Do we need to develop new supply chains? What industry can learn from today’s makers and what is the missing link? What wil be the role of makerspaces in distributed manufacturing? Should makers scale up and professionalize or the industry scale across?

avatar for Justyna Swat

Justyna Swat

co-founder, POC21 / WIKIHOUSE
Strategic designer and architect. Working on projects developing socially and ecologically responsible solutions using digital tools. Designing systems for agency. Co-founder of POC21 , design assistant at the ENSCI les Ateliers School of Industrial Design, WikiHouse Foundation... Read More →

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Antoine Boilevin

Co-founder User Centered Lab, VALEO
avatar for Nicolas Lassabe

Nicolas Lassabe

President, Artilect
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Hannah Stewart

Research Associate, Future Makespaces in Redistributed Manufacture - RCA
Hannah Stewart is a Research Associate at the Royal College of Art on the 2 year Future Makespaces in Redistributed Manufacturing project. An agenda forming research project funded by the EPSRC to establish what role makespaces and their communities could play in future redistributed... Read More →
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Manuela Yamada

Sócia e co-fundadora, MateriaBrasil e ColaborAmerica
Empreendedora social, Manuela atua no uso da tecnologia para inovação social e sustentável. Sócia da MateriaBrasil, empresa de inovação circular é também co-fundadora da Goma, representante do OuiShare no Brasil e co-fundadora do ColaborAmerica. Premiada nacional e internacionalmente... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 12:30pm - 1:15pm CEST

3:00pm CEST

Startups et grands groupes : quelle stratégie de partenariat pour quels objectifs ?
Depuis 5 ans les partenariats se sont multipliés entre grands groupes et startups de l'économie collaborative. Si les promesses de ses rapprochements sont nombreuses, la réalité a montré que leur réalisation n'allait pas de soi : différences culturelles, horizons temporels en décalage, gouvernance spécifique. 
La capacité à s'engager dans des partenariats est déterminante tant pour les startups que les groupes : les groupes bénéficient de l’agilité des startups pour trouver des relais de croissance et accélérer leur transformation numérique tandis que les startups bénéficient d'un terrain d'expérimentation, de financement et d'accélération.
Comment construire et réaliser une stratégie de partenariat efficace?

avatar for Louis-David Benyayer

Louis-David Benyayer

Forwarder, Without Model
Passionate about innovation, strategy, #bmgen & entrepreneurship. Strategy researcher @ ESCP Europe Chaire Entrepreneuriat and @ICD. Co-founder of Without Model

avatar for Julien Van Hoeylandt

Julien Van Hoeylandt

Co-founder, Quatre Epingles
I'm a co-founder of the french collaborative concierge start-up Quatre Epingles, bringing a new kind of access to services in the smart city, thanks to technological, digital and collaborative tools. Innovation of service is the key of our future.
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Responsible for sharing economy, MAIF
Thomas OLLIVIER is in charge of the "sharing economy & new trends" team at MAIF. Together, they manage advanced projects and key initiatives from scratch to market implementation. As a main entry for partners, they try to fit to startups working process, using design thinking, test... Read More →
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Amélie Oudéa-Castéra

CMO & Deputy head of retail, AXA France
Amélie Oudéa-Castéra is from March 1st 2015   Co- Managing Director of AXA Particuliers/ Professionnels , Chief Marketing, Digital and Alliances Officer   and  Member of the Executive Board Previously, she was Executive assistant to Chief Financial Officer of the AXA Group... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 3:00pm - 3:45pm CEST

3:15pm CEST

New ways of measuring and distributing value: experiments and stories

We can observe today an increasing number of initiatives experimenting with alternative ways of measuring and sharing value in companies, communities and networks.

Why should we explore alternatives? Which alternative models already exist? Are monetary rewards necessary? How could we create a new model that better serves a creativity and knowledge economy?

This session brings together representatives from 4 different organizations that are asking themselves these questions and trying to find answers by building various new models for measuring contributions and distributing value.

The following organizations will share stories and concrete examples of successes and failures in pursuing this:

  • Cobudget, a collaborative funding and participatory budgeting tool, being used by the Enspiral network and other organizations.

  • Gratipay, a platform that provides payments and payroll for open work. They have launched pilot projects where employees set their own salaries.

  • Thanks & Share: a human learning & natural intelligence network that enables founders and contributors to share the company’s equity with a model they have developed.  

  • Cocoon Projects: an open enterprise that starts, supports and accelerates value driven, innovative projects. They’ve developed the Liquido framework for open companies.

avatar for Francesca PICK

Francesca PICK

Partner & Connector, Greaterthan, Ouishare
Francesca Pick is a collaboration catalyst, community catalyst and organizational consultant. As partner at Greaterthan and member of the global networks OuiShare and Enspiral, she works with people, teams and organizations at the forefront of decentralized, self-managed and participatory... Read More →

avatar for Mourad KOLLI

Mourad KOLLI

Founder & CEO, Thanks And Share
Founder and CEO @Thanksandshare, I dedicate my life to enchant the world. No Less! How? I deal joyful experiences & get thanked for it ! I am not kidding ! On one hand, I’m giving my most precious resources, energy & benevolence to help entrepreneurs On the other hand, I’m... Read More →
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Claudia Pellicori

Reputation Strategist, Cocoon Projects
Claudia loves working with organisations and people for the evolution of their reputation and connection with stakeholders. She carefully and strategically helps them in surfacing their most important skills, in the selection of the best tools and channels of communications and in... Read More →
avatar for Derek Razo

Derek Razo

Network Knitter, Founder, Adventurer, Cobudget, Enspiral, POC21 Community
Derek Razo is an entrepreneur with a passion for social change. He is a founder of Cobudget, and a member of Loomio - two open source software tools that help amplify the social impact of crowds and networks. In his work, Derek has supported many collaborative communities around the world working on new ways of organising and creating social change. He is passionate about transforming human systems to work... Read More →
avatar for Chad Whitacre

Chad Whitacre

Founder, Gratipay
I'm the founder of Gratipay, which provides payments and payroll for open work. We launched in 2012, and are pioneering an open organization model in a heavily regulated industry. Our mission is to cultivate an economy of gratitude, generosity, and love! :-) Talk to me about open... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 3:15pm - 4:00pm CEST

3:45pm CEST

Future of mobility ecosystems
Last few years have seen a burgeoning of strategic shifts from a wide range of companies that were leaders in their ecosystem: automotive, public transport or automotive repair & maintenance services. They all now profess their love for the mobility ecosystem and ambition to be among those who matter.
What kind of transformation should these companies undergo? How could platform and collaborative business models impact their current activities? How do they build a new ecosystem and a new culture?

avatar for Maureen Houel

Maureen Houel

General Manager, Autonomy
Maureen is bringing to life Autonomy, the world´s first major event and accelerator on urban mobility for professionals, policy makers and public. It will take place in Paris at la Villette this October 6-9 in partnership with Ouishare. Let's get our cities moving and celebrate... Read More →

avatar for Will Farrelly

Will Farrelly

User Experience Innovation, Ford Smart Mobility, Ford of Europe
Since joining Ford of Europe in 1995 after earning a Mechanical Engineering degree from Brunel University London, Will Farrelly has been extensively involved in leading-edge consumer research, product innovation, and business strategy projects. Since 2003, Will has taken a lead... Read More →

Erik Grab

-, Michelin
Erik Grab is currently Vice President Strategic Anticipation & Innovation for the Michelin Group.He is also in charge of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum Open Lab, a co-innovation ecosystem gathering over 200 international companies and 50 international or professional organizations.His... Read More →
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Group Chief Performance Officer, Transdev Group
avatar for Yann Marteil

Yann Marteil

Qui sommes-nous ? Via ID est un accélérateur de Business centré sur l’éco-mobilité, au cœur des enjeux écologiques et technologiques, fonctionnant en synergie avec Mobivia Groupe. Nous étudions tous les projets en lien avec les nouveaux usages de mobilité. Nous soutenons... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 3:45pm - 4:15pm CEST

4:15pm CEST

Platforms for mobility: overcoming growing-pains
Last few years have seen the emergence of disruptive business models and services in the realm of mobility. Some of them have attracted a growing public and media attention. They sometimes spurred concern among regulators, legacy stakeholders and even consumers.
How do these platforms handle their exponential growth. How high is the sky they consider their only limit to growth? How much impact should we expect from such business models? What are the conditions to a balanced sharing of benefits between consumers, platforms, service providers and society?

avatar for Marie-Xavière Wauquiez

Marie-Xavière Wauquiez

Mobility and Logistic Project Manager, Paris and Co
Fascinated by mobility issues , I started my career as an engineer in the field of air pollution. Two years ago, I developed an expertise in the taxi industry schemes facing the digital revolution. Nowadays, I am the project manager of an innovation program about sustainable urban... Read More →

avatar for Verena Butt d'Espous

Verena Butt d'Espous

Corporate Communications, BlaBlaCar
Passionate about social impact, Verena spent ten years working in sustainable finance before joining BlaBlaCar in 2014 as Corporate Communications. Verena holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BSc in Government and Economics from the London School of Economics. BlaBlaCar is the world leading... Read More →
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Paulin Dementhon

CEO and Founder, Drivy
Founded Drivy 5 year ago, and trying to turn it into the #1 solution to drive a car
avatar for Teddy Pellerin

Teddy Pellerin

CEO, Heetch
After graduating from Supélec, Teddy started his career by working for several startups from the solar energy sector. In 2011, he joined a friend from Supélec in Morocco who has launched a local Groupon. For 2 years, they develop the company together, and early 2013, Teddy came... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 4:15pm - 4:45pm CEST

5:00pm CEST

Citizen driven health systems

In these session we would like to explore the new role of patients within the health experience design.

How to include patients into the process of building health services, devices and tools?

Which other agents need to get involve to transform the way we deal with illness and deseas?


avatar for Javier Creus

Javier Creus

Founder, Ideas for change
Javier Creus is the founder of Ideas for Change, a boutique consulting firm that designs high growth platform strategies for corporations, institutions and cities. .Javier is considered to be one of the primary strategists and thought leaders in collaborative economy, open and 2P... Read More →

avatar for Yvanie Caillé

Yvanie Caillé

founder, general director, Renaloo
I'm the founder and the Executive director of renaloo.com, a non profit organization which helps patients living with kidney disease, dialysis and transplant.
avatar for Geraldine Gueron

Geraldine Gueron

Co-Founder, Researcher, Data Donors, IQUIBICEN CONICET
Geraldine Gueron is a cancer researcher. She earned her PhD degree at the Schoolof Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently working in the field of molecular oncology. She has obtained several awards, of note the Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator... Read More →
avatar for Giovanna Marsico

Giovanna Marsico

Founder, Director, Cancer Contribution
Health democracy, cancer advocacy, patients empowerment, health and digital literacy, share decision making. Italien living in Paris.

Thursday May 19, 2016 5:00pm - 5:45pm CEST

5:00pm CEST

Adventurous Capital: Funding a Better World
Our world is increasingly facing complex challenges, from climate change to resource depletion to economic inequalities. Many talented entrepreneurs and changemakers are building solutions to tackle these wicked problems, but how can we make sure they get the necessary funds to scale their ideas? Can the current Venture Capital industry help them without compromising their mission ? Where are the most promising innovations in the investment sector that could help support an alternative, impact-driven tech ecosystem?

avatar for Benjamin Tincq

Benjamin Tincq

Co-Founder, Good Tech Lab / OuiShare
Co-Founder of Good Tech Lab, OuiShare and POC2Benjamin is an impact entrepreneur, and expert on collaborative innovation and decentralized business models. He is the founder of Good Tech Lab, a research venture exploring the frontiers of technology, entrepreneurship and finance to tackle... Read More →

avatar for Willy  Braun

Willy Braun

Co-Founder, Daphni
Former general manager of france digitale, the French lobby of investors and digital startups. Author of internet marketing 2013. Loves ties, books and data
avatar for Imandeep Kaur

Imandeep Kaur

Co - Founder / Director, Impact Hub Birmingham
Immy is a co-founder of Impact Hub Birmingham, a network of citizens, makers, doers, entrepreneurs, activists and dreamers committed to building a better Birmingham and better world. Powered by a 6,000 sq. ft. collaborative workshop in the heart of Birmingham, the Impact Hub is an... Read More →
avatar for Laurence Mehaignerie

Laurence Mehaignerie

Chairman, Citizen Capital
Laurence Méhaignerie is co-founder and Chairman of Citizen Capital, a leadingFrench private equity fund dedicated to using an impact-driven investment approach to deliver both social impact along with financial returns for investors and society-at-large. Prior to this, Laurence... Read More →
avatar for Armin Steuernagel

Armin Steuernagel

Co-Founder, Purpose Fund
Armin Steuernagel is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of several businesses—among others Purpose Foundation and the investment fund Purpose Ventures. He founded his first business at the age of 16—a mail order company for sustainable toys that is active in Germany. Another... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 5:00pm - 5:45pm CEST

5:45pm CEST

Learn from "Tech for Good" global programmes
Have you considered the impact of violence against women on business? Safety and wellbeing of women and girls is a key to peace-building efforts everywhere in the world. When violence against women stops, women can prosper and societies can flourish. In the UK alone it is estimated that the economy loses £15 billion annually due to gender-based violence, from start-ups to established corporations. This is why the Womanity Foundation is supporting collaborations that tackle the causes and effects of gender-based violence around the world. In 2016 its Womanity Award will invest in successful approaches that harness ICT and new media to prevent violence against women. This session will showcase 4 successful interventions that are being replicated and scaled up in different parts of the world, to positively influence and change attitudes and behaviours, and therefore catalyze social and economic progress. The audience will also be invited to learn from and contribute to the topic. Eventually, Yann Borgstedt, founder and president of the Womanity Foundation will announce the 2016 Womanity Award Winners, among the 4 teams on the panel.

avatar for Servane Mouazan

Servane Mouazan

CEO, Ogunte CIC
Servane Mouazan has worked for 16 years as a conscious innovation entrepreneur, focusing on gender equality and women's empowerment. She founded Ogunte C.I.C, a certified B-Corp that helps create "a better world, powered by women". Ogunte has supported over 5000 women changemakers... Read More →

avatar for Lulú  Barrera

Lulú Barrera

Broadcaster and Journalist, Luchadoras TV
Mexican journalist and cyber activist Lulú Barrera, is running Luchadoras and Rompeviento TV in Mexico. She fights for Equal Justice for Women. Lulu is a linguist by training, anthropologist because of life, and activist by decision. Luchadoras is a programme dedicated to the life... Read More →
avatar for Dr Anne DeMarle

Dr Anne DeMarle

Director, Emergent Media Center
Ann DeMarle is an expert in learning, games, and emergent technologies. An Apple Distinguished Educator and IBM Faculty Awardee, she became Champlain College’s first Perry Chair after designing its top ranked game degrees. Currently as Associate Dean, she directs the Emergent... Read More →
avatar for Daysi Flores

Daysi Flores

Honduras Country Coordinator, Just Associates MesoAmerica
Daysi Flores is Honduras Country Coordinator for Just Associates Network (JASS), which she joined in 2009. She has been a feminist since she was 15 years old, co-founded the Red de Mujeres Jóvenes de Honduras (Young Women’s Network of Honduras) in 1998, and now identifies as an... Read More →
avatar for Dr Nancy Glass

Dr Nancy Glass

Founder, MyplanApp
Dr. Nancy Glass, Professor and Associate Dean of Research, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of International Health and Associate Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health. Dr. Glass conducts multidisciplinary... Read More →
avatar for Alex Hache

Alex Hache

Project Coordinator, Tactical Tech Collective
At Tactical Tech, Alex coordinates the project "Securing Online and Offline Freedoms for Women: Expression, Privacy and Digital Inclusion." She is a sociologist and a researcher on ICT for the public good, and holds a PhD in social economy. For the last decade... Read More →
avatar for Francesco Kaburu

Francesco Kaburu

CISP protection program manager for Somalia, CISP
Francesco Njagi Kaburu, PHD on Human Rights Protection at the University of Catania (Italy), coordinates protection programs in Somalia and Kenya for the International Committee for the Development of People (CISP- www.cisp-ngo.org). The programs focus on... Read More →
avatar for Jac Sm Kee

Jac Sm Kee

Women's rights coordinator, APC (Association for Progressive Communications )
Jac sm Kee is a feminist activist & writer. She is Manager of the Association for Progressive Communications Women’s Rights Programme. Her areas of focus include internet rights, sexuality, women’s rights, and the creative use of communications technologies for movement building... Read More →
avatar for Katie Pelo

Katie Pelo

Business Development Coordinator, Grassroot Soccer
Katie first joined Grassroot Soccer in 2013 as a Business Development Intern in Cape Town, South Africa. She was so inspired by the passion of her colleagues and the mission of the organization that she extended her time with GRS in Cape Town until transitioning into her current role... Read More →
avatar for Antonella Notari Vischer

Antonella Notari Vischer

Director, The Womanity Foundation
After working for over 18 years with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as a field-based delegate and as the main spokesperson, Antonella Notari Vischer entered the microfinance sector as director of corporate communication at BlueOrchard in Geneva from early 2008... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 5:45pm - 6:30pm CEST

5:45pm CEST

Platform Cooperatives and Beyond: The Future of Collaborative Governance?
avatar for Marguerite Grandjean

Marguerite Grandjean

Connector, OuiShare
Marguerite is a futurist and director of studies for OuiShare, making sense of trends, experiments, and behaviors that are profoundly changing our economies and societies. Lately, she has been leading the "Governances" project at OuiShare, which looks at the creative ways in which... Read More →

avatar for Marc-David  Choukroun

Marc-David Choukroun

CEO, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui
avatar for Yassir FICHTALI


Executive Committee, UP Group
Yassir Fichtali has joined the UP Group’s General Management in 2005 as R&D Manager and he has been Head of the Foundation until 2010. Today, he is Director of External Relations and a member of the Executive Board. In the past, he was national president of France’s first student... Read More →
avatar for Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider

Writer, Activist, Platform Cooperativism
Nathan Schneider is a scholar-in-residence of media studies at the University of Colorado Boulder whose work revolves around economy, technology, and religion. In 2014, he co-organized “Platform Cooperativism,” a pioneering conference on democratic online platforms at the New... Read More →

Thursday May 19, 2016 5:45pm - 6:30pm CEST
Friday, May 20

2:45pm CEST

Building Individual Capabilities for the Networked Era
We live in a time where nearly everybody has access to nearly all the information and traditional academies seem not being able to cope with complex environments we live: traditional curricula have lost most of their meaning.
New, experimental forms of educations are emerging giving new opportunities to the younger and also to those that are able to re-think themselves. What capabilities should be educated for now? How can we build our life long skills? What traits should companies look for in young leaders? Do these leaders still find interest in working in complex organizations?

avatar for David Weingartner

David Weingartner

Connector, OuiShare
With a background in international business, David Weingartner joined the OuiShare community through researching the social and environmental impacts of collaborative consumption and the implicated transformation process that affects traditional business models. Today, as a designer... Read More →

avatar for Ramin Farhangi

Ramin Farhangi

Founder and staff member, Ecole Dynamique
I founded a demoratic school, freed from curricula, timetables and age groups.
avatar for Jeremy Lamri

Jeremy Lamri

CEO, Monkey tie
Jeremy Lamri is the founder and CEO of Monkey tie, the online French leader in affinity recruitment and career development. He also cofounded the HR Lab, the French association for promoting innovation in HR. Based in Paris, Jeremy also teaches human resources for the digital age... Read More →
avatar for Patrycja  Slawuta

Patrycja Slawuta

Founder, SelfHackathon
Patrycja Slawuta, M.A Psych, PhD(c); is a bi-coastal (SF + NYC) researcher and entrepreneur. A native of Poland, Patrycja is a connoisseur of the complexity and nonlinearity of human nature. Her scientific research addresses the emotions of shame and guilt, group dynamics and and... Read More →

Friday May 20, 2016 2:45pm - 3:30pm CEST

2:45pm CEST

Ready to Work in the Post-Industrial Era?
This panel will host a debate about creating meaningful and inclusive work in the post-industrial age: what is work becoming? How is the new culture of work we need to build? What is the role of interaction, relationship and purpose?

avatar for Arthur de Grave

Arthur de Grave

Editor & Connector, Ouishare

avatar for Esko Kilpi

Esko Kilpi

Founder, Esko Kilpi Company
Esko Kilpi Company consists of a group of researchers and strategists. We lay the intellectual foundations of Post-Industrial Work. We help organization and individuals to develop capabilities, innovate and grow in the new technological and societal landscape characterised by algorithms... Read More →
avatar for Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant

Author, The Social Era, Harvard Business Review
Nilofer Merchant has gone from admin to CEO to Corporate Director of a NASDAQtraded company along her 20-year career. She is called the "Jane Bond of Innovation". Besides being a notable TED2013 speaker, her latest book, 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra, published by Harvard Business Review Press, was... Read More →
avatar for Leberecht Tim

Leberecht Tim

Founder, The Business Romantic Society
Tim Leberecht is the founder of The Business Romantic Society and the author of the book The Business Romantic (HarperCollins, 2015). Previously, he was the chief marketing officer of NBBJ, a global design and architecture firm that helps organizations such as Amazon, the Bil... Read More →

Friday May 20, 2016 2:45pm - 3:30pm CEST

4:45pm CEST

(Digital) Networks for Accelerated Learning

Networks seem to have a magical power to attract people who is willing to contribute with her time, knowledge and sometimes even with money.
This magical power is very related with the opportunity of learning that those networks offer to their contributors.
In this session we are going to explore how this informal learning process takes place on those networks and why is so powerful.

avatar for Ana Manzanedo

Ana Manzanedo

Connector, OuiShare
Experimenting with new ways of working through the most radical and innovative ideas and tools.  I accompany organizations that want to innovate in new ways of working more collaboratively. My main areas of expertise are twofold: 1) Network project management - Distributed leadership... Read More →

avatar for Felipe Anghinoni

Felipe Anghinoni

Director of Whatever, Perestroika
Co-founder at Perestroika. // Educator, teacher and speaker. // Elected one of Brazil's 50 most innovative marketing professionals. // Authoral background: musician, screenwriter, actor, blogger and comedian. // Fields of study: entrepreneurship, creativity, education and comedy... Read More →
avatar for Gina Rembe

Gina Rembe

Social Lab Leader, Network Catalyst, LifehackHQ, Enspiral
Gina left the bright lights of London and the world of commercial strategy consulting for the windy shores of Wellington. She currently leads Lifehack, an social initiative seeking to improve youth wellbeing in New Zealand and is also an active member of Enspiral. Last year, she was... Read More →
avatar for Stelio Verzera

Stelio Verzera

Professional Troublemaker, Cocoon Projects
Curious wanderer. Fond of the ocean, lean thinking and open collaboration. In 2011 I've founded Cocoon Projects and designed LiquidO (www.liquidorganisation.info). Since then I've been travelling around the world to understand what I've done. https://about.me/stelioverzera

Friday May 20, 2016 4:45pm - 5:30pm CEST

6:00pm CEST

Workable Futures: Surviving and Thriving in the Post-Institutional Landscape
What does "work" look like in the hyper-connected landscape that's quickly emerging around us? This session tackles some of the fundamental shifts that are transforming the way we collaborate, coordinate and co-create value in the post-institutional economy, with an eye towards the new literacies and strategies that we'll need for retraining displaced workers and navigating a highly distributed global workforce.

avatar for Sarita Gupta

Sarita Gupta

Executive Director, Jobs with Justice
Sarita Gupta is executive director of Jobs With Justice and the co-director of Caring Across Generations. She is a nationally recognized expert on the economic, labor and political issues affecting working people across all industries, particularly women and those employed in low-wage sectors. Sarita has appeared inThe Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Politico, as well as on MSNBC, Al Jaze... Read More →
avatar for Dylan Hendricks

Dylan Hendricks

Programme director, Ten-Year Forecast.
I'm deeply invested in understanding and communicating the changing nature of our society, and have spent the last decade working with governments, corporations and non-profits to make sense of an increasingly fragmented world. My background is in media production, storytelling and... Read More →
avatar for Vincent Huguet

Vincent Huguet


Friday May 20, 2016 6:00pm - 6:45pm CEST

6:15pm CEST

The Power of Making

What is the power of thinking by making?

Making is the act resulting in something coming to be. The arts and crafts movement preceded today’s ‘maker’ culture.  ‘Traditional’ forms of making were passed down from master to apprentice, through years of repetition. Today we are witnessing a growing popularity of more experimental and innovative making: less rehearsed but also less reliable(?).

In reaction to globalized mass production, throw-away cultures, consumerism and the omnipresence of chain stores, new types of community spaces like fablabs, makerspace or hackerspaces pop up in our neighborhoods.  

Here we find community interaction and knowledge sharing on both local and global level, with the help of networked technologies. These social environments promote informal, peer-led shared learning often motivated by fun and self-fulfillment. People come to gain practical skills, learn how to repair, reuse, improve and tweaking designs.

The potential to enable more participatory approaches and create new pathways into important topics is clear, but this path is not for all of us.

Should we all make the shift and become makers?  It may be frustrating to master a new skill in this busy world. Should we take the time to move from frustration to pleasure and start to think through materials and skills?

avatar for Vincent GUIMAS

Vincent GUIMAS

Les Arts Codés
15+ years experience in media art & technology innovation in creative fields at international level.Expertise in different Informations : creative technology including interactive design and educational network.Experienced in startup company development from concept to product, extensive... Read More →

avatar for Benedict Dellot

Benedict Dellot

Associate Director - Economics, Enterprise and Manufacturing, The RSA
Research covers the maker movement, self-employment and capital ownership. Interested in how we can create an economy that allows people to lead larger lives.
avatar for Etienne Moreau

Etienne Moreau

Cofounder + labs explorer, MakerTour
Cofounded MakerTour, non-profit org exploring, documenting and sharing the collaborative labs diversity in the world. Recently concluded with Mathieu Geiler (friend & cofounder) a first 6-month documented expedition towards 50 fablabs/makerspaces in France & Europe. All labs explored... Read More →
avatar for Justyna Swat

Justyna Swat

co-founder, POC21 / WIKIHOUSE
Strategic designer and architect. Working on projects developing socially and ecologically responsible solutions using digital tools. Designing systems for agency. Co-founder of POC21 , design assistant at the ENSCI les Ateliers School of Industrial Design, WikiHouse Foundation... Read More →

Friday May 20, 2016 6:15pm - 7:00pm CEST