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Mercè Rua
Design strategiest & facilitator
Design researcher and strategist that works with organisations and institutions in helping them get qualitative, “human-centered” users' data as well as develop new solutions (services, experiences, products, etc.) aligned with the users’ needs, desires and behaviours.
She facilitates co-creation and innovation workshops using a unique blend of design thinking, improvisation and art of hosting. Ultimately, her drive is helping people develop the skills needed to adapt and create systemic changes together.
She is part of HOLON where she is currently working with UNEP to develop a user-centered Eco-innovation resource for SMEs in developing countries. She also collaborates actively with OuiShare and Ideas for Change and is involved with different change-makers' initiatives such as POC21, OSCEdays and EEP.
Wednesday, May 18

9:30am CEST

Sharing, Collaborating and Relational Goods *Circus

9:45am CEST

10:30am CEST

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Thursday, May 19

9:20am CEST

9:35am CEST

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11:30am CEST

12:15pm CEST

3:00pm CEST

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5:45pm CEST

Friday, May 20

2:00pm CEST

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