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Robin Borroud

President Board of Director
Sydney, Australia
I believe the best results come from bringing diverse groups of people together for a common goal. One of Communitere's primary principles is to encourage people who wouldn’t otherwise connect to come together and have the opportunity to understand each others strengths and weaknesses and then help them to leverage their respective assets to help each other achieve shared goals.
Wednesday, May 18

9:30am CEST

10:15am CEST

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5:00pm CEST

Thursday, May 19

9:50am CEST

10:15am CEST

11:30am CEST

12:15pm CEST

3:15pm CEST

5:45pm CEST

Friday, May 20

1:00pm CEST

2:30pm CEST

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4:15pm CEST

7:45pm CEST