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Daniel Pinchbeck

New York
Daniel Pinchbeck is the bestselling author of Breaking Open the Head, 2012: The 
Return of Quetzalcoatl, and Notes from the Edge Times. His new book, How Soon Is 
Now?, will be published by Watkins Books in February 2017. Pinchbeck's work has 
helped to catalyze a resurgence of interest in shamanic practices, consciousness 
research, and occult philosophy. His next book looks at the ecological crisis as a 
collective initiation, a rite of passage, for humanity as a whole. Pinchbeck was featured 
in Joao Amorim's 2010 documentary, 2012: Time for Change, where he interviewed 
Sting, David Lynch, Barbara Marx Hubbard, among many artists and visionaries. He 
was an original founder of the company Evolver.net, which publishes the web magazine 
Reality Sandwich. He was the editor of Evolver Editions books and launched the 
nonprofit Evolver Network, as well as starting the Center for Planetary Culture, a think 
tank. His work has been featured in many journals, including The New York Times 
Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and Dazed & Confused. He is the host of Mindshift, a 
talk show on GaiamTV. Recently, his work had a major influence on the comedian 
Russell Brand, who wrote about their meeting in his book, Revolution.

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