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Alexis Crawshaw

Media Arts and Technology, UC Santa Barbara and EDESTA, Université Paris 8
PhD Student
Santa Barbara, California
I am a music composer, researcher, technologist, and educator.

My interests and pursuits include media theory, ethics, environmentalism, myth-making, quantifying beauty, and the art of temporal structuring (particularly as it pertains to spatiotemporal and cross-modal music composition as well as to pedagogical design).

The question of culture-building is my chief preoccupation. I’m looking at it as a morphogenetic process that is seeded in the classroom: what kind of teaching and curricular frameworks will best prepare students to grow into cultural protectors, visionaries, and shapers? As a technologist, I’m interested in 1) how traditional site-specific cultures may be reinforced through new technologies in the classroom and 2) ways that new, site-specific culture to the McLuhanian global village may be forged.

As a part of this investigation, my work largely entails both research-based practice and practice-based research centered around phenomenological themes— especially concerning cross-modal perception and music cognition. I’m interested in how a better understanding of how humans relate to the world can better inform the things that we make and the ways that we make them.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, May 20

6:00pm CEST