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CEO Babele
My name is Emanuele, Italian electronic engineer, startup trainer and social entrepreneur based in Bucharest.
In 2009 in Brazil, I wrote my MBA Thesis on Participatory Democracy.

1,5 years ago I left my job at Procter & Gamble in Paris and with my wife Ruxandra, we launched Babele : an Open Innovation center that combines open business modeling with peer-to-peer learning, enabling society stakeholders to contribute their time, knowledge and experience to the development of fully validated projects for good.

The platform is for:
CHANGE MAKERS : who can build, validate, iterate and develop their business strategy in a collaborative way - with mentors and peer-entrepreneurs from 86 countries.
MENTORS & EXPERTS, who can discover innovative projects and participate by submitting ideas, giving feedback and contributing with their unique skills to their deployment.
IMPACT NETWORKS, such as Universities, Incubators, Foundations and Companies, which can crowdsource the development of sustainable solutions by tapping into the collective knowledge of internal and external communities.

In the last 11 months we gathered a community of 4000 experts, who give feedback, share ideas and provide solution for the over 500 social enterprises coming from 86 countries.

Since January 2014, we started a discussion with several universities, foundations and impact accelerators around the world to create a network of social innovation clusters. Organizations are interconnected through an online platform with a crowdsourcing approach to innovation. They are able to co-develop innovative business models in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, enabling a diversity of insight and a continuous feedback loop, aiming to create optimal solutions in a participative and cost effective way.

We offer these clusters the opportunity to connect, engage and build up social innovation initiatives. The knowledge that they produce can be matched to the needs of other members in the network. An effective collaboration is key to enable peer-to-peer learning, scale the social impact of the best initiatives and help rethink business models, incorporating in their structure an effective theory of change.

We believe that we can trigger a new culture based on open source collaboration. If you believe this is needed, don't hesitate : Join the movement!
Wednesday, May 18

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